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What is Plus Addressing?

last updated November 23, 2023


Managing the constant stream of messages can be overwhelming. Luckily, Mango Mail offers a feature that can transform your email management called Plus Addressing.

What is Plus Addressing?

Plus addressing is a tool that lets you create multiple variations of your primary email address. By simply adding a plus sign "+" followed by a unique identifier to your base email, you can generate an array of customized email addresses. For instance, if your email is "[email protected]", plus addressing enables you to create subaddresses such as "[email protected]", "[email protected]", or "[email protected]". All of these variations direct emails to the same primary inbox, simplifying your digital communication hub without juggling multiple accounts.

Some websites and services will not allow users to enter a plus sign "+" in their email. To avoid this inconvenience, you may want to consider using subdomain addressing which is exactly like plus addressing but avoids this issue.

Organizing Emails with Plus Addressing

The true magic of plus addressing is email organization. By assigning different subaddresses to specific contexts, you can effortlessly categorize and filter incoming emails. Imagine using "[email protected]" for professional correspondences, "[email protected]" for personal communication, and "[email protected]" for newsletters. With plus addressing, you can automate the sorting process, ensuring that relevant emails are tagged, categorized, or forwarded to designated folders in your email client.

Dynamic Customer Addresses

Plus addressing also allows you to create email addresses for your customers on-the-fly. By creating subaddresses such as "[email protected]", you can establish a professional and distinct email for each customer to easily manage and track communication with individual customers while keeping their interactions separate from your main email stream.


Plus addressing is an invaluable tool that can effortlessly organize emails, making sure that work, personal, and subscription emails are all easily discernible. Dive into plus addressing and take control of your digital communication.