Frequently Asked

Yes, really.

We do not limit customers based on the number of addresses or domains they have. Instead, we price our plans based on data usage. As long as the total of all your mailboxes is within your plan's data limit, you can make as many addresses and connect as many domains as your heart desires!


You can test out Mango Mail without affecting current addresses you may already have with another provider. Simply create your test addresses under a test subdomain. This way, any emails sent to "[email protected]" will go to your current provider, and any sent to "[email protected]" will go to your new Mango Mail addresses. You can follow our guide on setting up a subdomain for an in-depth walk-through.

We take IP reputation seriously by employing advanced measures to monitor and maintain a healthy IP reputation. Our team actively checks for any potential issues and implements necessary strategies to ensure optimal deliverability and security. Your emails are in safe hands!

When your subscription ends, your account will enter a grace period. During this time we will still collect incoming mail for you, but you won't be able to send out until you renew your plan.

Mango Mail does not sell domains. In order for you to obtain one, you will need to lease one from a domain registrar such as Namecheap or GoDaddy.


We understand that businesses come in all shapes and sizes. If your needs exceed our largest plan, contact us and we will create a custom plan for you.


You can attach as many domains and users to your account as your plan can fit. This means that whether you have one or several businesses attached, you only pay one subscription.

Mail can land in spam for a number of reason. Sometimes this can be caused by the wording of your email being similar to spam. You may also land in spam if your domain is relatively new. The best thing to do is contact Mango Mail support and ask for help.

Any IMAP/POP3 client.

Mango Mail was built to seamlessly integrate with all email clients. Here are a few of our recommended email client choices:

  • Thunderbird
  • Gmail
  • iOS Mail
  • Outlook

We know setting up a professional email can be scary. That's why Mango Mail has been designed to walk you through each step and ensure everything is set up properly. You can always contact Customer Support to get help setting up your Mango Mail account.


We encourage users to upgrade to their usage needs. Any months left on your current subscription will be credited to your new one so you only pay the difference between the plans.