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Set up your GoDaddy domain with Mango Mail

last updated November 23, 2023


Before you can start creating mailboxes with Mango Mail, you’ll need to set up the proper Domain Name System (DNS) records. In this case we will be using GoDaddy, but the same steps can be applied to other domain registrars.


  • Create and set up your Mango Mail account.
  • Own a domain with GoDaddy.
  • Add your domain through the Mango Dashboard.

Step 1. Go to your GoDaddy dashboard and click the three dots next to your domain.
Step 2. Click "Manage DNS".
Step 3. Click "Add Record" to create a new record.
Step 4. Create the records shown on the DNS Setup page of your Mango Mail dashboard.
Step 5. Finally, return to the Mango Dashboard and click "Check DNS".

Next Steps

Now that you've finished configuring your domain's DNS, you can start creating mailboxes from the Mango dashboard.