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What Are Email Aliases?

last updated November 23, 2023


With hundreds of messages flooding our inboxes, emails can quickly and surely become daunting. Email aliases revolutionize the way we manage our email identities and streamline our online presence.

Understanding Email Aliases

An email alias is an alternate email address that forwards messages to your primary inbox. It's essentially a virtual mask for your main email address. For example, if your primary email is "[email protected]", you can create aliases like "[email protected]" or "[email protected]". The beauty lies in the fact that all emails sent to these aliases seamlessly reach your main inbox, sparing you the need to check multiple accounts.

Benefits of Email Aliases

Email aliases offer a multitude of benefits that enhance your digital communication experience:

  • Organizational Mastery: With email aliases, you can compartmentalize your emails based on their purpose. Use a different alias for work, personal communication, subscriptions, and online registrations. This allows for automatic categorization and easy filtering.
  • Privacy and Security: Using aliases protects your primary email address from being shared widely. If an alias starts receiving spam or unwanted messages, you can simply deactivate it without affecting your main inbox.
  • Spam Management: Creating a specific alias for online forms, sign-ups, and registrations helps you track and manage the source of unwanted emails. If an alias becomes inundated with spam, you can disable it while preserving your main email's integrity.
  • Professionalism: For businesses or freelancers, using an email alias that aligns with your domain (e.g., "[email protected]") enhances your brand's professionalism and builds trust with customers.
  • Effortless Filtering: Email aliases facilitate automated email sorting, making it easier to prioritize and manage messages. You can set up filters to forward emails from specific aliases to designated folders.
  • Temporary Interactions: When you need to provide an email for a short-term purpose, like accessing a free download, an alias comes in handy. Once the interaction is over, you can disable or ignore the alias.

Creating and Managing Email Aliases

You will first need to complete DNS setup for your domain before creating addresses.

Setting up email aliases is a simple, straightforward process. Go to your Mango Dashboard and click on the domains tab. Then click the domain you want to create the address under. Click "new mailbox" and select "alias" as the mailbox type. You will need to enter a destination for your new alias address. This is the address to which your alias will forward incoming mail. Remember, you can only set the destination of an alias to an address you own.

You can change your alias destination at any time by clicking on your alias address in your Mango Mail Dashboard and typing in a new destination address.


Now that you know the power of email aliases, you can navigate the complex realm of digital communication with a newfound sense of simplicity and efficiency. Be sure to check out along Subdomain Addressing to maximize your emailing capability.