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What are Reserved Addresses?

last updated February 10, 2024


Since the dawn of email, mail admins of different servers have contacted each other about a variety of issues. Over time a certain etiquette has risen regarding the correct addresses to direct messages concerning system and administrative concerns. Today, mail systems expect to reach administrators by contacting certain addresses such as "abuse" or "postmaster". Mango Mail automatically handles these addresses for both security and ease-of-use.

Which Addresses Are Automatically Handled?

Mango Mail automatically handles the following addresses for you:

  • abuse
  • postmaster

What Does it Mean if an Address is Handled Automatically?

Automatically handled addresses, also known as "reserved addresses", cannot be created by users. These addresses are reserved by the Mango Mail system and redirected to our administrative team. The reason for this is due to prior email server etiquette. Whenever another mail server finds something wrong with a message and would like to contact the administrator of the mail server, they will typically send a message to either [email protected], or [email protected]. Since these messages are intended for the mail server administrator (Mango Mail) we simply redirect them to our administrators.

Can I Handle Reserved Addresses Myself?

Typically, we do not allow customers to handle these addresses themselves due to the dangerous implications they may have to other Mango Mail users. However, in certain scenarios, we may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.